About Sinoun

Multipotentialite. Entrepreneur. Artist. INFJ-A.

My name is Sinoun (commonly pronounced “sin-noon” in English). I’m a Khmerican living in the ATL. I love laughing, eating, and smelling books. I’m always working on various projects that stimulate my heart and brain. I aspire to be a professional picnicker, dream tender, and philanthropist.

What I do:

In 2011, I started by entrepreneurial career by creating ShiftWeb, a web design and Internet marketing company. This is my bread and butter.

For two decades, I’ve been a lover of sleep and dreams. There is great power in this underworld that we spend a third of our lives in. In 2021, I received my Dream Tending Certification and hope to provide sleep and dream coaching to others soon.

I’ve been creating zines since 2001. Hand making quirky little things bring me joy.

As an avid reader, I catch myself constantly referencing what I learn and how I’m impacted by books. A blog of “book reviews” is overdue.

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